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Justyna HampelPostdoktor

Om mig

I am a broadly trained aquatic biogeochemist and microbial ecologist fascinated by the microbial life in aquatic systems from shallow, freshwater lakes to deep-sea sediments. My PhD dissertation at Wright State University (Ohio, USA) focused on nitrogen cycling in aquatic systems affected by harmful algal blooms. The projects included: measuring nitrification and ammonium dynamics, and investigating nitrifier community structure in Lakes Taihu (China), Okeechobee (Florida), and Sandusky Bay (Lake Erie). Following my PhD studies I did postdoctoral research at University of Southern Mississippi (USA). My postdoc project focused on exploration of shipwrecks as built environment influencing deep ocean sediment microbiomes in the Gulf of Mexico.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm University and SciLifeLab working with Dr. Sarahi Garcia (MIINT Lab). I am investigating microbial interactions and transformations of carbon and nitrogen between cyanobacteria (Microcystis) and associated heterotrophic partners.