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Arbetar vid Institutionen för ekonomisk historia och internationella relationer
Besöksadress Universitetsvägen 10 A, plan 9
Postadress Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

Om mig

I am Senior Lecturer in in International Relations with focus on quantitative methods at the Department of Economic History and International Relations.

My research interests include climate governance, human rights, European Union governance in the European Neighbourhood Policy countries, international public administration networks, and external democracy promotion. 

In my research, I build on statistical analysis and machine learning techniques with an application in Social Sciences. In my current research, I exploit longitudinal data analysis for the study of climate change adaptation governance, human rights, and impact of technocratic networks. 

Latest publications

Shyrokykh, K. (forthcoming) "Human rights sanctions and the role of black knights: Evidence from the EU’s post-Soviet neighbours". Journal of European Integration.

Shyrokykh, K. (2020) "How effective is EU's human rights persuasion in its post-Soviet neighbourhood? Insights from a statistical assessment". Journal of Contemporary European Studies, online first.

Latest outreach contributions:

Shyrokykh, K. (Fall 2020) "Russian state-sponsored media and disinformation on Twitter". ZOiS Spotlight 33/2020. (available in English/German)

Shyrokykh, K. (Summer 2020) "The Eastern Partnership and Russia in the post-COVID world". New Eastern Europe, Issue 4.


PhD Teaching

  • 'Quantitative Methods in International Relations' 

Graduate Teaching

  • 'Quantitative Methods'

Undergraduate Teaching

  • 'International Organizations and Human Rights' 
  • 'Research Skills' 
  • 'Quantitative Methods in International Relations' 
  • 'Introduction to International Political Economy' 
  • 'Theory and Methods' 
  • 'Globalization and International Political Economy'

Theses supervision

MA theses with focus on IR and quantitative methods 


Pedagogical training

  • Teaching and Learning (Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching at Stockholm University (CeUL), HT2019, 7,5 hp.)
  • Digital Competences for Teaching (Digitala Kompetenser för Undervisning) (Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching at Stockholm University (CeUL), VT2020, 7,5 hp.)
  • Research Supervision (CeUL, HT2020, 7,5 hp.)




List of publications


Peer-reviewed articles

Shyrokykh, K.  (2020)  “How effective is EU’s human rights persuasion in its post-Soviet neighbourhood? Insights from a statistical assessment,” Journal of Contemporary European Studies, online first.

Shyrokykh, K. and Rimkute D. (2019) “EU rules beyond its borders: the policy-specific effects of transgovernmental networks and EU agencies in the European neighbourhood,” JCMS online first.

Shyrokykh, K.  (2019) “Policy-specific effects of transgovernmental cooperation: A statistical assessment across the EU’s post-Soviet neighbours,” Journal of European Public Policy, 26:1, 149-168.

Shyrokykh, K.  (2018) “The Evolution of the Foreign Policy of Ukraine: External Actors and Domestic Factors,” Europe-Asia Studies, 70:5, pp. 832-850.

Shyrokykh, K.  (2018) “Compromising on values? Human rights pressure and competing interests of the European Union in the former Soviet states,” European Foreign Affairs Review 23:1, pp. 119-141.

Shyrokykh, K.  (2017) “Effects and side effects of European Union assistance on the former Soviet republics,” Democratization 24:4, pp. 651-669.


Working papers

Rimkute D. and Shyrokykh, K.  (2017) The Role of EU Agencies in the Acquis Transfer: The Case of the European Neighbourhood Policy Countries,” TARN Working Paper Series 14/2017 (online: 1 November 2017, pp. 1-22).


Book chapters

Rimkute D. and Shyrokykh, K.  (2019) Transferring the Acquis through EU Agencies: The Case of the European Neighbourhood Policy Countries. In The External Dimension of EU agencies and EU bodies: Law and Policy (eds. H. Hofmann, E. Vos & M. Chamon).


Book reviews

Shyrokykh, K.  (2020) "The Euromaidan’s Effect on Civil Society. Why and How Ukrainian Social Capital Increased After the Revolution of Dignity" by Sophie Falsini, Europe Asia Studies 72:2, pp.333-334.

Shyrokykh, K.  (2012) “In Defense of Liberal-Pluralism” by Upendra Chidella, Parameshwar Rama Bhat and Vikram Singh SirolaCEU Political Science Journal 7(1).

Shyrokykh, K.  (2011)  “Emergency Politics: Paradox, Law, Democracy” by Bonnie HonigCEU Political Science Journal 6(2).

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