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Matthew LindquistProfessor

Om mig

Jag är professor i nationalekonomi på SOFI, Stockholms universitet. Mina forskningsintressen inkluderar arbetsmarknaden, social rörlighet, entreprenörskap, sociala nätverk, samt brottslighet.


Labor III: Human Capital and the Economics of Education


Pågående Projekt

Peer Effects in the Workplace: A Network Approach (with Jan Sauermann and Yves Zenou)

Are Entrepreneurs More Upwardly Mobile? (with Theodor Vladasel)

The Health Effects of Prison (with Randi Hjalmarsson)


I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas

  • Crime and networks

    2019. Matthew J. Lindquist, Yves Zenou. Oxford review of economic policy 35 (4), 746-771


    Social network analysis can help us understand the root causes of delinquent behaviour and crime and provide practical guidance for the design of crime prevention policies. To illustrate these points, we first present a selective review of several key network studies and findings from the criminology and police studies literature. We then turn to a presentation of recent contributions made by network economists. We highlight ten policy lessons and provide a discussion of recent developments in the use of big data and computer technology.

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  • The Causal Effects of Military Conscription on Crime

    2019. Randi Hjalmarsson, Matthew J. Lindquist. Economic Journal 129 (622), 2522-2562


    We study the causal effect of mandatory military conscription in Sweden on the criminal behaviour of men born in the 1970s. We find that military service significantly increases post-service crime (overall and across multiple crime categories) between the ages of 23 and 30. These results are driven primarily by young men who come from low socioeconomic status households and those with pre-service criminal histories, despite evidence of a contemporaneous incapacitation effect of service for the latter group. Much of this crime-inducing effect can be attributed to negative peer effects experienced during service. Worse post-service labour market outcomes may also matter.

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