1.1 Employment

An employment contract is usually for a permanent position. However, some positions within the university are temporary. The difference between a permanent position and a temporary position is that a permanent position can only be terminated by the employer on legal grounds, while a temporary position automatically ceases once the specified time period is passed. 

1.2 Temporary employment

The rules regarding temporary employment are found in
the Employment Protection Act (Lagen om anställningsskydd  LAS),
the Employment Ordinance (Anställningsförordningen – AF) and
the Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen  HF).
The terms of employment on your contract make it clear which legal rules apply to your position.

1.3 General agreement on salaries and benefits (Villkorsavtal/Villkorsavtal-T)

This collective agreement applies to employees in the public (state) sector. Stockholm University is a public university and thus under the jurisdiction of the Swedish government. Stockholm University has, in addition, signed a number of local collective agreements that supplement Villkorsavtal/Villkorsavtal-T.

1.4 Period of Notice for termination of the employment

The period of notice for the employee is two months in case where the employment has exceeded one year and the period of notice is one month if the employment has been less than one year.

1.5 Termination of temporary employment and preferential claim to re-employment

A temporary position is terminated automatically on the last day of the stated period of employment. If the employment period is not extended, and if the employee has been employed for more than twelve months during the last three years, the employer sends out a notification to the local trade union and a written notice to the employee that the temporary position is not to be extended, not later than one month before the contract is terminated. The written notice will clarify if the employee has a preferential claim to re-employment. The right to re-employment applies from the time when the written notice was given and up to nine months after the employment was terminated. Employees wishing to claim re-employment must submit a written claim.

Employees that have held a temporary position for more than two years in succession are covered to a certain degree by the Job Security Agreement for Government employees (Omställningsavtalet) if their employment is terminated because of a shortage of work.

1.6 Termination of a permanent position

The legal reasons for terminating a permanent position are shortage of work or for personal reasons. The employee is covered by the Job Security Agreement for Government Employees (Omställningsavtalet) if a permanent position is terminated because of a shortage of work. According to this collective agreement the period of notice for the employer is extended, depending on how long the employee has held his position.