3.1 Illness

If you are absent due to illness for more than seven calendar days in a row, you are required to submit a doctor’s certificate to your department, centre, etc. Under certain circumstances a doctor’s certificate can be required for a shorter period of absence due to illness.

Our HR system Primula is used for reporting leave of absence due to illness.

All documents relating to illness, including doctor’s certificates, are treated with the strictest confidence in accordance with the Official Secrecy Act.

The amount deducted from your salary for the first 5 working days is your monthly salary multiplied by 4,6 %. The first sick day deduction (karensdag) has been replaced by a qualifying deduction. That means that you will receive sick pay from the first sick day regardless of if you are able to work a few hours that day or not. The sick pay is 80 % of the sick leave deduction for the first two weeks of your sick leave. In addition there is also the qualifying deduction from the sick pay that consists of your monthly salary multiplied by 3,68 %. If you are on sick leave for more than five days the amount deducted is your monthly salary multiplied by 3,3 % from the first day of illness.

From the 15th day to the 364th day you will receive a sick leave compensation from your employer with 10 % of the deducted amount.

Note that from the 15th day of absence due to sickness The Social insurance Agency will pay you sickness benefit.

3.2 Medicine

You are entitled to receive reimbursement for medication that, in accordance with the law, is subject to a patient’s cost ceiling within a one-year limit for medical care and medicine under the health service. Make sure you get a receipt (receptspecifikation) at the pharmacy and send the original receipt within six months to the payroll officer at the Human Resources Office. The pharmacy registers the purchase on your “högkostnadskort”. The compensation is subject to tax.

Note that the university does not cover the cost of medication or medical treatment while you are on holiday abroad.

3.3 Medical treatment while working for Stockholm University abroad

Employees are insured while working abroad and the insurance covers the cost of medical treatment, medication and hospital treatment. Accident and disability cover is included.