The web address of each profile page uses the format " account username" and appears on the website

Profile page content

Any information added to the profile page should be related to your position at Stockholm University (see Rules & Regulations). Your profile has both Swedish and English versions, with a link between the two.

Your profile page automatically shows:

  • Personal information from the staff directory SUKAT: name, title, unit, telephone number, email address, visiting address, and mailing address. Please contact the SUKAT administrator at your department/unit if you want to correct this information.

If you don’t edit your Swedish or English profile page, only the SUKAT information shows.

You can add:

  • Images
  • Text under the headings ‘About me,’ ‘Teaching,’ ‘Research’ and ‘Publications’
  • Links
  • Files

The headings only show if there is content for that heading.

Things to keep in mind...

Think about readability
Facilitate reading through the use of paragraphs with sub-headings, bulleted lists, etc. (tips can be found in the manual).

Keep your page up-to-date
Make sure that the content on your profile page is always current. Do not enter more information than you have time to update.

Don't forget search engines
Use words and phrases in your text and links that might be keywords for the visitors you want to find your profile page.

The more links to your profile page, the higher it is ranked in search results. To improve searchability there’s a link to your profile site from the SUKAT employee catalogue. You can also get a link from department website to the profile page, just ask your department’s web editor.

Editing profile pages

Editing is done in a simplified version of Polopoly, the University’s central web content management system. No special training is required; all you need is the manual on the site. The simplest way to log in is to go to your profile page and click the pen icon that’s under the box with your SUKAT info. You can also log in on This method allows you to change the interface language.

New requirements for updating profile page

As of 1 February, 2023, a remote connection (VPN) will be required to edit your profile page if you are not working within the University’s network. This means that you will need to log in to one of the VPN clients FortiClient or WireGuard when you e.g. work from home. VPN is used for employees to access the university's network from home in a secure manner. 

Information about the VPN service is available our website.


This online manual walks you through the basic steps and handles other topics in more depth.


SUKAT issues: contact the person responsible for SUKAT at your department

Polopoly Content Management System: Serviceportalen