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Film Production

The Communications Office offers film production services to all departments, divisions and units at the university. You can order different types of services depending on your needs.

When you’ve made an inquiry or order, you’ll receive an estimate from us. The price includes the equipment and technicians required for the entire project. We plan with the customer, record, do the postproduction, and deliver a finished video ready for publishing on the web or elsewhere.

Gunnar Zetterberg, filmproducent

Filmed news segments, interviews, presentations and documentaries

We produce interesting research news, educational films, work presentations and documentaries in a creative dialogue with you, the client. We have outlined three different levels of service to help you (with guidance from us) decide about the goals, complexity, timeframe and budget of the project.

Inspelning och direktsändning. Foto: Eva Dalin

Recording and webcasting of lectures and events

We film lectures and events with one or more cameras depending on your quality and picture requirements. The more cameras there are, the more technicians are required. Events can be broadcast directly to the internet.


Lectures recorded in the studio

If you record your lecture in the studio, your students can watch the lecture when, where, and however many times they want.


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