Agneta Pantzare
Agneta Pantzare. Photo: Private











How does it feel to start working here?
"I have studied here, so it's fun to be back! During the 1990s, I studied administration for two years and then studied individual courses in business administration and economics and took a bachelor's degree in business administration in 1995".

What have you done before?
"I come most recently from the Police, where I worked as CFO in the Stockholm Police Region. I worked with financial management and supported the police region in budget, follow-up and forecasts. I have also worked as finance manager in other authorities where the assignments have varied slightly depending on the employer".

How does it feel to be the new CFO at Stockholm University?
"Exciting! Stockholm University has an important mission in conducting research and education. Here I see that the finance department can be involved and contribute in many ways".

What do you want to prioritize?
"A new financial model and a new financial system will be introduced from the beginning of next year, so there will be a lot of focus on that. I am also eager to familiarize myself with the work and meet my new colleagues and co-workers".

What do you see as the main challenges?
"When it comes to the new finance project, it is the time aspect that is both time and resources. From previous experience, I know that a lot needs to be done just before an implementation. Systems have to be integrated and tested, as well as training initiatives and so on".

What do you do in your spare time?
"I like spending time with family, relatives and friends. I also have a dog and together we take slow walks in the surroundings where I live".