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Student Activities

City Tour 1_1

The Nordic student group participated in various fieldwork trips and activities as part of the intensive courses and other mandatory courses at Zhejiang University. These activities were designed to enrich the students’ understanding and experience of the course material as well as to provide excellent opportunities to meet new Chinese contacts in various fields of expertise.

TM Meeting

Transnational Meeting 9 – 10 June 2016

Public Oral Defense of Master Students' Theses in China Studies.

CPPCC Meeting in Shanghai_2

November 2015

The Nordic students had the opportunity to attend a CPPCC meeting in Shanghai, in the process gaining first-hand experience of the political system in China.

Confusian Temple_3

11 November 2015

As part of the course The History of Classical Chinese Thought中国经典思想史, which focused on Chinese history and philosophy, the Nordic group travelled to a Confucian temple in Quzhou.

Intensive Course - Evolution of Chinese Cinema_1

27 October – 2 November 2015

The Nordic MA students participated in the intensive course: The Evolution of Chinese Cinema and the Chinese Film Industry by Dr. Elena Pollacchi (Stockholm University) and Li Yuanyuan Li (Zhejiang University), which examines Chinese film and the film industry at different moments in the development of Chinese cinema(s).

Chinese Ethic Law Course

June 2015

The Nordic group took part in the Chinese Ethnic Law course 中国民族发 with Professor Jiang Yonglin (Zhejiang University).


20-21 May 2015

The female members of the Nordic group took the opportunity to attend the Alibaba Global Female Innovators Conference 阿里巴巴全球女性创业者大会 in Hangzhou.

12-18 May 2015

The Nordic group participated in the intensive course: Research Methodology in China by Professor Anders Sybrandt Hansen (Aarhus University) and Dr. Wang Jing (Zhejiang University) together with first-cycle anthropology students from Aarhus University.

Eco Farm_7

6 May 2015

As part of the Chinese Business Culture course with Professor Ma Qun (Zhejiang University), the Nordic MA students visited太阳公社 eco-farm ranch in Lin An county as an example of the new organic trend in China.


2-8 April 2015

The Nordic group attended the course “Women, Society and Cultural Changes in Twentieth Century China” by Professor Paul Bailey (Durham University).

Welcome Meeting_4

20 March 2015

Welcome meeting 2015 for the new Nordic student group

TV Programme on Enviromental Issues_3

17-23 March 2015

The Nordic group took part in the intensive course: New Environmental Policies, Perceptions and Activities in China with Professor Mette Halskov Hansen (University of Oslo) and Associate Professor Li Hongtao (Zhejiang University).

City Tour_5

11 March 2015

The new Nordic students participated in a city tour to see the traditional, modern and future parts of Hangzhou.


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