Tore Bengtsson

Our aim is to understand the physiology and mechanisms of sympathetic stimulation of glucose uptake in peripheral tissues and investigate the importance of this system in regulating glucose homeostasis.


Barbara Cannon

Brown adipose tissue: function and significance

Anders Jacobsson

Our research focuses on the regulation and physiological role of polyunsaturated- and saturated/monounsaturated fatty acid synthesis in mammals.


Jan Nedergaard

Brown adipose tissue: function and significance


Cell Biology  Per Ljungdahl, Phone: +46 8 16 41 01

Developmental Biology Christos Samakovlis, Phone: + 46 8 16 15 64

Immunology Marita Troye Blomberg, Phone: + 46 8 16 41 64

Physiology Barbara Cannon, Phone:+ 46 8 16 41 20


Imaging Facility, IFSU

Zeiss LSM 780