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Om mig

My research interest is psycholinguistics. I find it especially intriguing to understand how the mind learns, stores, accesses and uses the bits and pieces that are in sum what we call language. To me it gets even more fascinating when several different languages are involved. Therefore my research focus is on second language acquisition. I am particularly interested in how the different languages a person knows affect each other and what leads to learning. My focus is usually but no exclusively on morpho-syntactic phenomena. I am using a broad spectrum of methods in my research, ranging from the collection of spontaneous production data, communication tasks, elicited imitations to the recording of reaction times and event-related potentials (ERP).


Present projects:

  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment of Second Foreign Languages - an Alignment Study on Oral Language Proficiency in the Swedish School Context (TAL)



Completed Projects:

  • Precursors of Sign Use in Intersubjectivity and Imitation (PSUII)
  • Swedish word order processing in second language learners and native speakers: A psycholinguistic and neurocognitive approach (SWOP2)

Senast uppdaterad: 30 november 2017

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