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Welcome to the Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies

The department has education and research within the Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, as well as area studies within the two main areas: Asian Languages and Cultures and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures. Affiliated with the department is also The Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies, SUITS.

Anna Gustafsson Chen

Alumni of the month

She has translated a Nobel Laureate, been praised by the Swedish Academy and started publishing books. Although her career seems to follow a red thread, it is a coincidence that has guided the translator and the sinologist Anna Gustafsson Chen.

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Temporary online teaching for students at the department

The Stockholm University Senior Management Team has 16 March decided that Stockholm University will change to online teaching and examination as a way to contribute to reducing the spread of the new coronavirus and still be able to continue our activities. All seminars, lectures and examinations will be held online starting on March 18.

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Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in realtion to Stockholm University's activities is updated continously.

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