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If you have questions regarding the lectures, please contact Prof. Dr. Irmy Schweiger

Student office

At the Student office you can register for courses (in cases where you can't register online), get study certificates and obtain help with other administrative matters concerning your studies.

Contact the student office by email or phone

Student Counselor and Directors of Studies

The Student Counselor and the Director of Studies of your subject will help you choose the right course, plan and carry out your studies, count and register your credits, take a break in your studies, get special support and provide information about the labour market.

Student Councelor
Director of Studies (Japanese and Korean Languages and Cultures)
Director of Studies (Chinese Language and Culture)
Director of Studies (Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures)
Director of Doctoral Studies

International coordinator for studies abroad

For questions regarding studies abroad within your education at the Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies.

International coordinator for studies abroad
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