Spotlight Taiwan 2022: film, talks and lectures

Open to the public, the festival will present the best of Taiwanese culture, arts and cinema.

Image from "Dear Tenant" (2020). Courtesy of FILMOSA Ltd.

Built around an eight-week Taiwan Film Festival, the program will feature Taiwanese films and documentaries, followed by talks given by their directors. In conjunction, there will be a digital lecture series in which scholars from Taiwan and Europe talk to us about a variety of interesting topics related to Taiwan’s cultural, historical, ecological and political landscape.

Spotlight Taiwan 2022 in Sweden, led by Professor Irmy Schweiger, is organised by the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Stockholm University, in collaboration with Asiatiska Filmfestivalen, the Museum of Ethnograpgy (Stockholm), Bio Grand (Stockholm), the Museum of World Culture (Gothenburg), and the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan.

Full programme:
Spotlight Taiwan 2022

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