When academia, business, the public sector and civil society work together, new ideas and improved processes can be the result. DSV has a long tradition of collaborating with colleagues at other universities and various actors in society.

Photo: Niklas Björling/Stockholms universitet
Photo: Niklas Björling/Stockholms universitet.

DSV’s research addresses societal challenges in Sweden and globally, contributing to the development of the IT society of the future. The research area Computer and Systems Sciences concerns how people, organisations and societies interact with existing and emerging information and communication technology.

DSV contributes to societal development through the participation of our researchers in the media and reports as well as by collaborating with other universities, industry and the public sector. The collaboration also provides important nourishment for new ideas in research and education at the department.

Today, we collaborate with leading companies such as Accenture, Ericsson, Getinge, IBM, Microsoft, Scania and Spotify. We have several industrial PhD students who divide their time between regular employment and a PhD studies with us, an important way of transferring knowledge to both environments. Our ongoing research projects are within areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, business systems and cyber security.

DSV also cooperates with Region Stockholm, the City of Stockholm, the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Swedish Information System Academy and several other networks and public organisations. For example, we conduct research together with the Public Health Agency, the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

We collaborate with several other departments at Stockholm University, and also with research institutes and universities nationally and internationally. RISE, Digital Futures, Karolinska Institutet, KTH, Aalto University in Finland, University of Magdeburg in Germany, Boston University and University of Pittsburgh in USA, and Brunel University in UK are some examples.

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Do you have ideas for new research projects where DSV’s researchers can contribute? Contact Professor Panagiotis Papapetrou, Deputy Head of Department and Head of Research.

If you are a representative from media or other organisations and looking for researchers to interview, or panel participants for a debate, contact Åse Karlén, responsible for DSV’s research communication.

Do you want to invite DSV’s students to events, offer internships or the opportunity to write a thesis at your company? Contact Carina Bergholm, responsible for DSV’s communication in the field of education.

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