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Welcome to DSV!


Enrolment (registration) for the 1st semester

Your place will automatically be confirmed when you enrol via our online enrolment. It is not possible to accept your place in any other way than via the enrolment between these dates.

If you are admitted and want to keep your place, just wait and you will receive information about the semester start, one-time-code, introduction sessions, courses and more via email from us.

Enrolment for autumn 2024 from 15 August to 2 September

Enrolment for autumn semester

New student (starting a new programme or a new course)

  1. To be able to enrol (register) in our administrative system Daisy and start your studies at DSV, you need to activate your University Account
    International students use the one-time-code. You will receive the code via email 15 August. Note! The code is only valid one week from when you received the email.
    When you get "Congratulations" at your University Account: Do not continue to web registration. Go back to this list and continue with point 2 below for enrolment in Daisy.
  2. Enrolment is closed! When the enrolment is open, you will find the link here. Find dates for enrolment in the blue info-box above.
  3. If you have lectures on campus, you need to have an access card to be able to access the premises in the Nod Building. It will take a few days to make the card. Please read the instructions under “Order your access card” below. 

If you start the 2nd or 3rd semester of a master’s programme enrol direct in Daisy here

It is important that you decline your offer as soon as you know you will not attend. Please decline your place at Log on to your account and follow the instructions. Please do not contact the Department in this matter. 

Introductory information sessions on Thursday August 29

We welcome you to an introduction day at Campus Kista on Thursday August 29. If your programme is a distance programme, the introduction sessions will be held online.

Timetables for informationsessions 


Access card

You will need to obtain an access card to be able to enter DSV's facilities. The card grants you access to the student floor (2nd), computer rooms and group rooms. The access card is mandatory and must always be worn visibly when you are in the Nod Building. Remember that you have to be enrolled before you can get an access card.

It is possible to get a pass as a distance student. In that case, please contact the student affairs office.

  1.  Follow all the steps under "Enrol here!" above to get the accounts you need to be able to proceed.
  2. Upload a photo in Daisy Upload the photo on your Current-page (the page you come to directly after logging in) in Daisy. Follow the link “You don’t have a profile photo in Daisy. Click here to upload one”. To get the image approved, it’s important that the image clearly shows that it is you and that the selection is cut close to the face with a bright and uncluttered background. See image below. Note that your selected image area can be changed by an administrator during the approval process of the image.
    Bildinstruktion hur du beskär en porträttbild i Daisy
  3. You will receive an email when your photo has been approved and the access card is ready to be picked up. You will also find the card reference number in the email. Bring the reference number and a valid ID/passport for identification.
    Pick up your card in the Access Card Reception. Find opening hours here  

If you have questions, please contact


If you have a permanent or temporary disability, you can contact to get a feature added to you card which makes it easier to open some of the entrances.

The card must be handled as a document of value: 

  • It is not permitted to lend someone else your card. 
  • It is not allowed to let others who do not have cards enter the premises. 
  • Wait until the door is closed behind you to prevent unauthorized entry. 

Anyone without an access card will be ejected from the premises by security guards.

Send an error report to

Provide this information in your email:

  • Access card number (located on the back of the card)
  • Error description — which door you tried to open and when you tried to open the door.

Lost access card

If you lose your access card, the cost will be 120SEK to get a new card. If your card is broken, you will get a new one without paying the card fee.

Order a new access card:

  • First, pay 120SEK at Kårexpeditionen on floor 2
  • To order a new card: Email your digital receipt to Please state your SU-username in the email.




Study platforms Next iLearn and iLearn

During the week when the semester starts, your courses are published either in the new Next iLearn or in the old iLearn. The course is in one of the two platforms. If you don't find it, look in the other platform.

The date of the week when your courses open depends on the courses’ start date.

Next iLearn


Studying with a disability

In aim to facilitate your studies, Stockholm University offers different kinds of disability study support to students with long-term disabilities, depending on your situation. The aim is to give all students the ability to study on equal terms.

Read more about how to apply for support


Campus Kista - the Nod Building

DSV is located in the Nod Building — a Campus with specially designed premises, a modern study environment, several IT-labs and large lecture halls with the very latest technology.

Find us in Kista

You will need an access card to access the student floor. Read instructions above.

Student floor 2 is open for students 07:00—00:00 (7 am—12 pm, midnight).

All entrances of the house are open 07:30—17:30 (7.30 am—5.30 pm). During this time, you can access the student floor 2 from elevator E, A, C and D, see map.

After 17:30 (5.30 pm) and on weekends

Shared Space, the large open area on the entrance floor, closes at 17:30 (5.30 pm). Please be aware of the closing time and leave Shared Space well in advance.

After the building entrances are closed, you can access the student floor via elevator C, Borgarfjordsgatan 6C and D, Kista Gårdsväg 1. The street number is visible on the wall of the entrance. 

DSV’s card readers are marked "Axlås".

Orientation maps of the premises

Student floor 2 (1140 Kb)
Entrance hall and Floor 1 (Balcony, Student Centre) (1103 Kb)

Lecture halls and students group rooms

Find information about your lecture rooms in your schedule in Daisy.
Information screens with current schedule are situated outside of each room.

When there are lectures with large groups of students, the rooms might be linked. When this is the case, the lecture has more than one room listed in the schedule. The teacher will be in one room and the other rooms are connected via link. You can choose to sit in any room.

List of Lecture halls and group rooms at DSV

Rules for group rooms

Here you will find important information on what to keep in mind in the event of an evacuation of the Nod Building. Please take all alarms seriously and evacuate immediately even if you do not perceive any danger in the vicinity.

More information about escape routes and what to do if you hear the alarm

The Department is actively working to reduce our environmental footprint. We are working on areas like usage of energy, waste management, travel and transports. We have the possibility to make a difference through our major areas: research, education and cooperation with society around us.

Environmental plan of action at DSV: Miljöhandlingsplan 2021 (70 Kb)  (in Swedish) 

Waste management in Nod


If you have questions, thoughts and suggestions about the environmental work at DSV, please contact the environmental group! 

Environmental web

Find out more about the environmental work of the University on the central Stockholm University environmental web


FAQ semester start

If you are accepted with a condition, you cannot enrol online. An eligibility check has to take place first. 

Be sure to finish your Bachelor’s degree if you are admitted with condition

You have to show proof that the condition has been fulfilled no later than the last enrolment day.

Please submit via email, or bring, the original document as well as a complete transcript of courses. 

  • You must always submit your certificate/diploma in the official language of the country where you have studied. If this language is not Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, French or German, you must also provide an official translation of the certificate/diploma. The translation should be in Swedish or English.
  • If you haven’t obtained you degree yet, you must bring an official document stating that all credits in your transcript meet the requirements and that you will obtain the degree later.

Contact: Student counsellor

Master's programmes

When you are enrolled, you will find your timetable in Daisy under "Timetable"

Before you are enrolled, you can find timetables for all courses here
Note that the timetables may change until the course starts.

Innovations for Societal Challenges: Multidisciplinary Project Course, 15 credits

Find information about the course here

Before you are enroled, you will find your courses under "Programme overview" on your programme's web page.

List of our Master's programmes

Innovations for Societal Challenges: Multidisciplinary Project Course, 15 credits

When you are enroled you will also find your courses in Daisy, Next iLearn and iLearn.

Next iLearn

The Department does normally not call for reserves. If places are available, the Department will contact the student, via email, in numerical order according to the reserve list.


You will receive important information from the student counsellors and student affairs office via email. Please make sure that your email client approves of emails from Stockholm University (, DSV ( and iLearn ( And check your spam-box regularly.

Questions regarding enrolment:
Phone hours and reception hours for the student affairs office

Questions regarding your studies and conditional acceptance: 
Phone hours and reception hours for the master student counsellor

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