Welcome to the student services at DSV. Here you will find contact information, reception hours and phone hours for student services at the department.

If you are unsure whom to contact, it is no need to email multiple addresses. Email the one contact you believe is correct, and we will ensure that your question reaches the correct person.


Student affairs office

The student affairs office provides the following services:

  • Registration for DSV’s courses
  • Reporting of grades
  • Transcripts and registration certificates
  • Order of pre-printed essays
  • Exam administration

Compendiums are sold by DISK on level 2, elevator C. Copies of distributed lesson material are provided by the teacher.

Student affairs office

Access card

Access card

Contact for prospective students


Study counsellors for master

The study counsellors at DSV assist in questions regarding courses and master programmes within computer and systems sciences, such as course selection, course or programme requirements, study leave, credit transfer as well as general planning of your studies.


Study counsellors have professional confidentiality and do not share information about your personal situation without your approval. Study counselling is regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance and counsellors follow the regulatory document Rules for study and career counselling at Stockholm university (Swedish only).

Study counsellors - master

Studying with a disability

In aim to facilitate your studies, Stockholm University offers different kinds of disability study support to students with long-term disabilities, depending on your situation. The aim is to give all students the ability to study on equal terms.

Read more about how to apply for support


Thesis and SciPro

Thesis and SciPro

Doctoral studies

Director of Postgraduate Studies

DSV international office - exchange studies

The international coordinator provides services to our partner universities and incoming and outgoing students and co-workers within our exchange programmes.
Information about studies abroad
Information for incoming exchange students

DSV international office - study abroad

DSV helpdesk

DSV Helpdesk takes care of urgent IT problems, forwards inquiries to relevant person and answers questions. If you have questions about how a software works, please consult a teacher or supervisor.

DSV helpdesk
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