The Routledge Handbook of English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education

New book edited by Professor Kingsley Bolton at the Department of English

The Routledge Handbook of English-medium Instruction in Higher Education

An important volume on English-language universities co-edited by Professor Kingsley Bolton has just been published by Routledge, and has already received stellar reviews in the international academic community.

Kingsley Bolton has co-edited this work together with Dr Werner Botha (Flinders University, Australia) and Dr Benedict Lin (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore). The volume also includes a key contribution from Dr Špela Mežek and Prof Beyza Björkman on “English-medium instruction in higher education in Scandinavia”.

The 38-chapter Routledge Handbook of English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education deals with policies and practices in English-medium instruction (EMI) in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It discusses the theoretical and disciplinary background to EMI in higher education delivery of EMI in diverse contexts across the globe.

Publisher: Routledge

About the author

Kingsley Bolton is Professor Emeritus at the Department of English, Stockholm University.