If you want to get in touch with us, please find below a list of teachers, researchers, PhD students and administrative staff at the department. Here you also find contact information to overall functions at the Department of English.

Visiting our department

Here you will find information about opening hours, as well as telephone hours, for our Student Affairs Office. You also find telephone hours and contact details for our study counsellor if you wish to book at time.

Visiting Address
Universitetsvägen 10 E
Frescati, Stockholm
Södra Huset, hus E, plan 8

Postal Address
Stockholms universitet
Engelska institutionen
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Physical billing address

Invoices, payments and e-commerce

Stockholm University
SE-190 87 Rosersberg

Reference: 150

Corporate identity number
(Stockholm university)

08-16 20 00

Email address employees and researchers

Address for package deliveries
Stockholms Universitet
Engelska institutionen
[Name of recipient]
Frescativägen 8
114 18 Stockholm


Student Affairs Office

You can contact our Student Affairs Office if you have questions about admission or registration ahead of the start of term, or other administrative matters about your current studies at our department. You visit the Student Affairs Office to pick up written exams. Remember to always provide your personal details and information about the courses you are taking when you contact us so we can find your study records. We have also gathered a lot of information on our web that answers some common questions.

Student Affairs Office

Study Counsellor

The study counsellor can answer questions about courses and give you advice If you have questions about your current and future studies in the subject English - your study environment, study techniques and study planning - you can contact our Study Counsellor. You can also contact the Study Counsellor for questions on studying abroad, on credit transfers in the subject English, or on studying with a disability. We have also gathered a lot of information on our web.

Study Counsellor

Directors of Studies

The Director of studies is responsible for planning courses, course syllabi, staffing, evaluations and such matters. The Director of studies also makes decisions in certain student matters, for example appeals and exemptions.

Director of Graduate Studies
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Director of Studies for the teacher education programmes

Teachers and Researchers

Teachers and Researchers at the department.


PhD students

PhD students at the department.


Professors emeriti


Departmental management team

Head of Department
Deputy Head of Department
Head of Administration
Director of Graduate Studies
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Head of Academic Services

Computer Systems Administrator

The Computer Systems Administrator is responsible for the department's IT- and computer systems, software licenses, keys and access-cards, printing service and telecommunications. The Computer Systems Administrator is also the SUA and SUKAT manager at the department.

Computer Systems Administrator

Finance and Personnel

The department's Finance- and Personnel Officer is also the department's purchasing coordinator and can answer questions about your employment and provide supplier information.

Finance- and Personnel Officer

Registry and archives

For matters concerning the registration of documents, archiving and archived documents at the English department, please contact the departments registrar.

Registrar Department of English
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