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Are you interested in how the English language works? Do you love reading in English and want to better understand stories, plays or poems written in English? Then come and study with us!

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Our courses and programmes cover two main areas, English linguistics and English literature.

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Many of our students study English within a teacher education programme at Stockholm University. But you can also study English as part of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or take a freestanding course simply because it captures your interest. What is it like to study English with us? Hear from some of our teachers.

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Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English

You can get a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree with a major in English by combining freestanding courses amounting to 180 credits.

You need to take at least 90 credits of progressive courses in English:

English I (30 credits)
English II (30 credits)

One of the two English Bachelor's courses, which include a degree project (thesis), specialising in either English linguistics or English literature.

English Bachelor's Thesis - Linguistics (30 credits)
English Bachelor's Thesis - Literature (30 credits)

The remaining 90 credits can consist of courses in one or more complementary subjects if you aim for a broad degree, or further English studies if you wish to accumulate a maximum number of credits in that subject within your BA degree.

We recommended that you study the complementary courses before applying for one of the Bachelor’s thesis courses.

Individual courses as complementary studies or further specialisation

Even if you are aiming for a degree in another subject, English courses are ideal as complementary studies. Why not study English I or any one of the part-time courses as complementary studies?

Our 15-credit English III courses in English linguistics or English literature do not include a degree project but are excellent options if you have studied English I and II and want further specialization in the subject English.

You will find a list of our current courses at the bottom of this page.


The undergraduate programmes that include English studies – the Bachelor's Programme in Language and Translation Studies and teacher education programmes – all require Swedish.


Individual courses

Each term we offer a range of advanced level (Master's) courses in English linguistics and in English literature.

We also offer the course English for Academic Research every term. This course is ideal for students from various research fields, who want to improve their skills and confidence in using academic English both in seminar settings and when writing an MA thesis.

A list of our current courses can be found at the bottom of this page.


We have an in-take for our Master’s programmes in the autumn terms. We offer a Master’s Programme in Literature with a Specialisation in English-language Literature each year. As part of the Master’s Programmes in Language Sciences, we offer one programme specialising in English Linguistics and one in Applied English Linguistics. They are usually offered in turn every other year.


We have a number of bilateral exchange agreements. If you are coming to Stockholm University on an exchange agreement with another department, you are also welcome to apply for our courses.

Courses for incoming exchange students


Most of our courses and our Master's programmes do not require Swedish. These courses are open for applications on If you live in Sweden and are interested in taking courses in English with us, you are welcome to apply.

We also welcome international applicants, but you should know that there are different admission rounds and application periods to consider. To find out which round suits your situation, read the information provided by University Admissions:

Information on admission rounds and important dates

Only our two-year Master's programmes are open in both the first and the second admission round.

Our individual courses, with studies for one term only, are only open for application in the second admission round. The second round can be an option for students from EU/EEA countries, who do not need a residence permit, but not if you do require a residence permit for studies in Sweden.

The Bachelor’s programme and teacher education programmes that include English studies require Swedish and are therefore not open for international students.




The doctoral programme at the Department of English is divided into two sections, specialising in English Linguistics or in English-language Literature.

As a PhD student you will be contributing to the research from Stockholm University and to the research environment at the Department of English. The doctoral studies include writing an independently researched thesis. The purpose of the thesis is to contribute to the development of knowledge in your subject area.

More on our PhD programmes

Individual courses

Our doctoral students decide what courses to take within their doctoral studies in dialogue with their supervisor.

A range of courses (or themes) are available to doctoral students through the Faculty of Humanities Research School. Information about courses offered through the Research School by our department will also be available on the Faculty website.

Faculty of Humanities Research School

Some terms we offer courses in academic writing for PhD students at other faculties, such as the Faculty of Social Sciences at Stockholm University.

Academic Writing for International Publication in English (EN1AWPE)

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