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English I

Regardless what career you aim for, improving your skills in English will help you reach your goals.

As a student in English, you are trained in the theories and research methodologies of two distinct academic disciplines, English linguistics and English literature. In English linguistics, you gain a deeper understanding of what language is and how it works. In English literature, you reflect upon the role of stories, plays, and poems in society, and acquire tools that help you understand how literary texts work. English 1 introduces you to both disciplines. Studying English, you will not only improve your English, you will develop your communication skills and your analytical, critical, and interpretive abilities.

English 1 is available as a freestanding course but is also part of Teacher Education Programmes and a Bachelor's Programme at Stockholm University. If you are taking the course within such a programme, please read the instructions under “more information”. The course structure is the same for all students reading English 1.

Information on registration spring 2023


If you are admitted and have accepted an offer of a place, please note that you also need to register in January. Registration is mandatory and will be open in Ladok for admitted students between 3 and 8 January. You need to register on time to confirm and keep your place.

Registration is done online. Once you have an activated university account, you can register online through Ladok if you are accepted to the course without conditions.

Ladok for students

If you are conditionally admitted, the conditions have to be fulfilled in order to register and start the course. Contact our Student Affairs Office when registration opens in January if you have questions.


After registration you will get access to Stockholm university's web-based learning platform Athena where course material from teachers will be made available. You use the same login details on Athena as for your university account.


Teaching at our department

See the information under "schedule".  

Our teaching takes place on the main campus of Stockholm University - Frescati Campus - usually in rooms located in "Södra Husen". The university has gathered information on how to find your way on campus.

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  • Course structure

    English 1 (30 credits) comprises four modules (7.5 credits each) relevant to the study of English-language literature and linguistics. This includes strategies for learning as well as academic writing.

    We do not recommend printing module descriptions as some changes can take place before the course starts. Course material will be made available on Athena, which registered students will get access to at the start of the course. Log-in to Athena with your university account.



    Introduction to English (7.5 credits)
    This module provides an introduction to the English language. The module specifically focuses on English vocabulary and grammar in oral and written academic communication. Students develop an understanding of study techniques and use these to expand their English vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. Special focus is given to strategies for vocabulary learning. In addition, students are trained in oral academic discourse.

    Module description: INTR, VT23 (pdf) (65 Kb)

    Reading Literature (7.5 credits)
    In this module, students study literary texts in English from different genres and learn basic literary concepts and analytical methods.  These skills are developed through seminars, workshops and lectures.

    Module description: LITT, VT23 (pdf) (99 Kb)

    Linguistics 1 (7.5 credits)
    This module provides insight into different areas of English linguistics by introducing basic concepts that are relevant to the description of the structure and use of English in the fields of phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Students learn about relevant concepts in these areas, and how they relate to each other.

    Module description: LIN1, VT23 (pdf) (50 Kb)

    Academic Reading and Writing (7.5 credits)
    This module aims to support and develop students’ academic reading and writing skills in English, focusing on essays in linguistics and English-language literature. Students are trained to become more effective in reading, understanding and using academic texts in writing, for example by working with text structure and academic language.

    Module description: AKAD, VT23 (pdf) (349 Kb)

    Teaching format

    The teaching comprises lectures, workshops and seminars. Active participation is expected from students in all teaching formats in order to pass the examination. Students will often work with different tasks and assignments during the teaching sessions in preparation for the examination. Apart from scheduled teaching, time will be spent reading course literature and completing mandatory assignments. Full-time students are expected to spend about 40 hours per week on their studies.

    As a student of English, it is essential that you plan your studies carefully and start reading in good time before a lecture, workshop or seminars to be in phase with the teaching.


    Introduction to English: an oral presentation and a final sit-down exam on vocabulary and grammatical knowledge.

    Reading Literature: an oral presentation, a written assignment and a written, sit-down exam in practical text analysis.

    Linguistics 1: a sit-down examination including questions concerning all the different linguistic areas which have been presented and discussed.

    Academic Reading and Writing: two argumentative essays, one in linguistics and one in literature, based on the selected texts.


    Examiners, HT22 (pdf) (122 Kb) 2

    Examiners, VT23 (pdf) (115 Kb)

  • Schedule

    The schedule will be available no later than one month before the start of the course. We do not recommend print-outs as changes can occur. At the start of the course, your department will advise where you can find your schedule during the course.

    Students will be placed in even sized groups at the start of term, as it will depend on the number of registered students. When the course starts you will be able to see which group you are in on Athena. Log-in to Athena with your university account.



  • Course literature

    Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.

    See the module descriptions under "course structure" for more details on readings.


  • Course reports

  • More information

    English 1 within a programme at Stockholm University

    If you have been accepted to one of the programmes where you study English I in your first term, you should receive information about the programme and admission from the department responsible for that programme.

    If you are taking English 1 as a second subject within a Teacher Education Programme, you will receive information from us about admission to English 1 ahead of the relevant term as long as your study plan is up-to-date and you are on our list of expected students.

    Responsible departments:

    Teacher Education Programme
    (“ämneslärarprogram mot gymnasieskolan och årskurs 7-9”):
    Department of Teaching and Learning

    English 1 is also available for students within the ULV and VAL programmes.

    Bachelor's Programme in Language and Translation Studies:
    The Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies


  • Contact

    Module coordinators (spring term 2023):

    Introduction to English: Josep Soler

    Reading Literature: Adnan Mahmutović

    Linguistics 1: Peter Sundkvist

    Academic Reading and Writing: Anna Swärdh

    Student Affairs Office