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Are you interested in how the English language works? Do you love reading in English and want to better understand stories, plays or poems written in English? And would you like to study in an international and vibrant environment?

Subject description

English is the world’s first second language. It is used daily by close to a billion people worldwide. At the Department of English, students and teachers from all over the world meet.

Our courses and programs cover two main areas, English linguistics and English literature.

In English linguistics, you learn what language is and how it works. You also learn how to adapt your language to different situations.

In English literature, you reflect upon the role of stories, plays, and poems in society, and get tools that help you understand how literary texts work. You also study the very rich history of English literature, from Shakespeare to Zadie Smith.

Many undergraduate courses include both linguistics and literature. You are trained in both areas, while also learning how to improve your general proficiency. We also offer part-time courses in areas such as cultural studies, or academic and creative writing.

At more advanced level, you can choose to deepen your knowledge of an area within English linguistics or English literature, or improve your skills in the use of academic English in a research setting in various fields.

Courses and programmes


For a bachelor’s degree in English, you take either free standing courses or one of the programmes listed under Courses and programmes in English.
For a master’s degree in English, you take one of the programmes listed under Courses and programmes in English.