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Slavic Languages

Slavic languages are spoken today in large parts of Europe and Central Asia. Among these languages, Stockholm University offers programmes in Russian, Polish and Czech. There is also a large selection of independent courses about Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic, which serve to expand and deepen your knowledge of politics, history and culture.

Studying one of our languages will provide you with new perspectives and insights into fascinating cultures. In the last few decades, the Slavic-speaking countries have experienced great societal transformations, which have also left their mark on literature and culture.

Knowledge of the languages, societies and histories of these countries is an asset to anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of the modern world.

Career opportunities

Knowledge of a Slavic language may provide you with a competitive advantage in the labour market, and can serve as a complement to an education in journalism, political science or economy. Our former students go on to work in the fields of mass media, commerce and government, and are in demand as teachers, translators and interpreters. 

If you are already working, taking one of our independent courses may serve to increase your competency.

Courses and programmes