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Do you want to know more about the Netherlands and Flanders, the northern part of Belgium? Studying Dutch gives access to an interesting cultural area by the North Sea. At Stockholm University we offer courses covering the Dutch language, literature, culture and history.

The Netherlands and Belgian Flanders are well-known for being strong trade nations, and for having world-famous art and beautiful historical towns. In Europe, Dutch is spoken by approximately 23 million people. However, Dutch is also the official language in Suriname and on the Caribbean islands of Saint Martin, Aruba and Curaçao. Dutch is fairly easy to learn because of its close relationship to Swedish. After only one semester of study you will be able to speak, read and write in Dutch on an intermediate level. You will also learn about Netherlandic and Flemish society, history and culture. If you choose to continue studying Dutch at a higher level, you will take classes in literary studies and linguistics. If you are not able to come to Stockholm University, we offer two Dutch language courses online that provide a basic knowledge of Dutch. You also have the opportunities to study Dutch as an exchange student at a Netherlandic or Flemish university and to participate in the summer language course in Flanders.

Career opportunities

Dutch language skills may be an advantage in their own right or serve as a complement to other studies like journalism, political science and business administration. Alumni have pursued work in international business, the EU and translation or interpreting.

Courses and programmes



The researchers at the Dutch section of Stockholm University work on various linguistic projects. Typical research fields are translation of Netherlandic and Flemish children’s literature, audiovisual translation, the semantics of Dutch and Swedish, and third language acquisition.