Our department was created in 2015 after the merger of the Department of Baltic Languages,  Finnish and German, and the Department of Slavic Languages. You can find us on the 4th and 5th floors of the E House (Södra Huset) on the Frescati campus.

Directions: The Frescati campus can be reached by

  • Metro (T-bana): Universitetet
  • Local train (Roslagsbanan): Universitetet
  • Bus: 40, 70, 540, 608, 670
  • Car: On the right of Roslagsvägen (E18), north of Roslagstull, northbound

Adjacent to the Södra Huset is a car parking area, where payment is accepted either in cash or by credit card.

Head of Department

Associate Professor Tora Hedin

Slavic Languages

Director of Studies, Åke Zimmerman, ake.zimmermann@slav.su.se
Student administration: slavinst@slav.su.se   Room: E470
Telephone: 08-16 33 32

Baltic Languages

Director of Studies, Student Counsellor, Assistant Professor Lilita Zalkalns
Telephone 08-16 46 09, lilita.zalkalns@balt.su.se


Associate Professor Annika Johansson, Director of Studies
Telephone 08-16 35 07, annika.johansson@nederlandska.su.se
Student administration: nederlandska@nederlandska.su.se


Director of Studies, Lecturer Sari Pesonen
Telephone 08-16 36 22, studierektor@finska.su.se
Student Counsellor Kirsi Lehtoviita
Telephone 08-16 33 40, studievagledare@finska.su.se


Director of Studies Anna Callenholm
Telephone 08-16 35 05, anna.callenholm@tyska.su.se
Foreign Students Administration, PhD student Sara Eriksson
Telephone 08-16 35 02, Sara.Eriksson@tyska.su.se