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Central Asian Studies

Within the main area Asian Languages and Cultures, you can choose to study Japanese, Chinese or Korean. You will also get a chance to learn about the culture, literature and society of China, Japan and Korea. The Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies is the Nordic Region's largest institution for the study of East Asian languages.

The Japanese language is spoken by nearly 128 million people in a country that plays an important political and economic role in Asia. Knowledge of Japanese opens the door to a culture where old mixes with new, and where national tradition has always enjoyed a fruitful coexistence with impulses from the outside world. You will discover a variety of cultural expressions and get access to the latest information and research about Japan and its surroundings.

China's importance in the world is increasing, and its influence in areas such as economics, politics and culture is growing. China's increased focus on trade relations has led to expanding exchanges and closer contacts with Sweden. Studies in Chinese will give you access to rich cultural treasures, a history that stretches thousands of years back, and a country in strong economic growth. At Stockholm University, you will study the Chinese standard dialect, putonghua, which is now used throughout China.

In the last 20 years, Korea has risen as one of the leading industrial countries in East Asia, but it is not only economically that Korea is of interest. Korea is both an old civilization and a hypermodern, dynamic society. You will discover a country with strong post-colonial antagonisms, a linguistically interesting language and a popular culture that has caught the interest of young people all over the world.

Career opportunities

Studies in Asian Languages and Cultures are relevant to those who want to work within government administration, industry, commerce, the media or tourism. Several of our students are also self-employed or working as consultants.

Language skills, combined with knowledge of other subjects, can be a deciding factor when applying for jobs, and open the path to an international career. Many of those who have studied with us also find internships or jobs in an East Asian country.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of our languages even more, there are also opportunities for an academic career through doctoral studies and research.

Courses and programmes



Our professors, associate professors and PhD students in the field of Asian Studies conduct research within literary studies, linguistics, art studies, second language learning, and more.