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Curious about our neighbour Poland? With a history in the cultural sphere of Western Europe stretching back a thousand years, Poland has much to offer. By studying Polish, you will gain insight into a rich culture, an exciting language and a fascinating history.

Subject description

Sometimes called “the heart of Europe”, Poland has been the scene of many dramatic historical events. No other European country has seen its borders shifted so often. Following the fall of communism, the country has evolved into a democracy characterized by rapid change and a steadily growing economy. Poland is a popular destination for tourists, who are drawn by its multifaceted culture, literature, film, music and theatre. Four Nobel prizes in literature have been awarded to Polish writers and poets.

The Polish language is spoken by approximately 50 million people, 38 million of whom live in Poland. By learning Polish, you will gain access to an entirely new culture and acquire knowledge with bearing on many disciplines.

At Stockholm University, studies in Polish start at beginner’s level. After two semesters studying Polish, you will have the skills sufficient to converse in everyday contexts, and be able to write and read with the help of a dictionary. On subsequent higher levels, your language proficiency will improve, and you will deepen your understanding of Polish culture and society. As your studies progress, you will be introduced to linguistic and literary theories and methods in preparation for writing your final thesis.

You will also have the opportunity to study Polish in Poland through one of the department’s exchange agreements with universities throughout Poland.

Career opportunities

Knowledge of the Polish language may provide you with a competitive advantage in the labour market, and can serve as a complement to an education in journalism, political science or economy. Our former students go on to work in the fields of mass media, commerce, EU administration and government, and are in demand as teachers, translators and interpreters. 

If you are already working, taking one of our independent courses on Polish culture may serve to increase your competency. If you have a prior education in teaching and wish to qualify as a teacher of Polish as a mother tongue, you may take 30 ECTS at our department.

Our doctoral programme in Slavic Languages with specialization in Polish will prepare you for a career in research and higher education.

Courses and programmes


For a bachelor’s degree in Polish you can choose to study individual courses or join one of the bachelor’s programmes listed under Educations within the subject.

For a master’s degree in Polish you can choose to study individual courses or join one of the master’s programmes listed under Educations within the subject.

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