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Media networks in children's literature


Date: Friday 22 April 2022

Time: 09.00 – 16.00

Location: The Library, 300, Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Manne Siegbahn Buildings, Frescativägen 24E

Welcome to an open workshop at Stockholm University.

Pictures and photos.
Illustration: ©Gustaf Tenggren/Lars Emanuelsson

The workshop focuses on early 20th century Scandinavian illustrators and artists working within the field of children's literature, children's magazines and advertising.
It will examine media networks and movements between different media by presenting research about particular media practices and environments, and their role for the development of children's literature. Artists and illustrators from the generation of Elsa Beskow, John Bauer, Gustaf Tenggren, Einar Nerman and Mollie Faustman, were often prolific in many disparate medias and platforms, from children’s books and theatre to magazines and advertising. The workshop will examine these interactions between different media and but also between categories like art, illustration and advertising. We will also show examples of archive material and discuss experiences and issues associated with archival research and methods.

The event is free and open for public. It targets those interested in literature, art history, publishing studies, children's literature and culture.

Language: English.



For registration and detailed program, please contact: Elina Druker or Maria Andersson



JoAnn Conrad Thinking back through (our) mothers. Women illustrators and their work in Swedish popular material during the interwar period
Lars Emanuelsson Researching Gustaf Tenggren on two continents. First mission: retrieving archival resources
Elina Druker Explorations in a confusing world. Art education and civic cultivation in drawing books by John Bauer and GAN from the turn of the century 1900
Maria Andersson Murder, mayhem and the moans of dying men. The Iliad for children in turn of the century Sweden
Agnieszka Stróżyk The wandering of the pictures. Elsa Beskows transferred and derivative images




Maria Andersson is a senior lecturer at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University. Her research interests include nineteenth-century literature, gender studies, citizenship studies, and power relations between children and adults. She has co-edited several anthologies on children’s literature, such as Barnlitteraturanalyser (2008) and Mångkulturell barn- och ungdomslitteratur (2017), and among her recent publications is a monograph on Swedish literature for girls Framtidens kvinnor (2020).

JoAnn Conrad is currently a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik. She is a professor of Folkloristics and Cultural History. Conrad has been working with children's material and issues of childhood imaginaries since her dissertation work in Norway in the mid-1990s, and has continued to work with children's books and illustrations in the US and also in Sweden, where she has collaborated with the Swedish Institute for Children's Books. She has published on Swedish and also Sami children's books, on illustration, and on publishing and cultural histories in Sweden and the US.

Elina Druker is Professor of Comparative literature with specialization in children’s literature at Stockholm University. Her research area covers children’s literature, avant-garde and media history. She is author of Images of Modernism (2008) and co-editor for Children’s Literature and the Avant-Garde (2015) and Mångkulturell barn- och ungdomslitteratur (2017), and is since 2011 jury member for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, ALMA.

Lars Emanuelsson is a non-academic collector and specialist in illustration history and book art with a background within illustration and animation. He has spent more than thirty years collecting facts, biographical items and art objects connected to Gustaf Tenggren. The research began in 1990 and resulted in the first biography on Gustaf Tenggren, published in 2014 (Kartago).

Agnieszka Stróżyk is academic teacher, text-editor and translator of children literature at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Scandinavian Studies, Warsaw. Her fields of research cover Elsa Beskow and early transfers of Scandinavian children’s books into Polish, turn of the century, picture-books, ikonotexts, intercultural transfer and aesthetics.