Am I required to pay?

You are not required to pay the fees if:

  • You are an exchange student at Stockholm University. You are exempted from both application and tuition fees for studies conducted as part of the exchange agreement
  • You have Swedish citizenship
  • You have citizenship in an EU or EEA country or Switzerland
  • You have a temporary Swedish residence permit for reasons other than studies 
  • You have a permanent Swedish residence permit
  • You are applying for or are registered for PhD (doctoral) studies

In most cases, you will be required to document you are exempted from paying the fees. Information about how to document your status can be found on University Admissions.

National application fee

The application fee is 900 SEK and must be paid to University Admissions by the deadline indicated on their website in order for the application to be processed. Students pay one application fee for each semester they submit an application for, no matter how many courses or programmes they apply to, or if they have applied to different admissions rounds in that semester.

Information on how to pay the application fee on University admissions

Tuition fees

The tuition fee varies depending on the type of course or programme.

  • The price per academic year for studies within the Humanities/Social Sciences/Law is SEK 90,000
  • The price per academic year for studies within the Sciences SEK 140,000

Some programmes have special prices that range from SEK 90,000 to 140,000 SEK. The price of each course or programme can be found on the course- or programme-page on

Find the tuition fee for your programme or course

Paying the tuition fee

Information regarding how to pay your tuition fee can be obtained by contacting

Rules for payment of tuition fees

For information on the rules for payment of fees, please see: Decision20160114.pdf (296 Kb)

What is included in the tuition fee?

The tuition fee covers the course or programme that the student has been admitted to and paid for. For students studying a Bachelor or a Master programme, the fee normally covers 30 credits per semester. For students studying individual courses, the tuition fee covers the number of credits in the course.

The tuition fee also covers related academic administration and support services. Fee-paying students are subject to the same services, rights and obligations as non-fee-paying students, such as study and career counselling, student health care, disability services, access to library and university facilities. Find more information about the Student Services at Stockholm University on our website.

Additional services included in the fees:

Please note that Stockholm University does not guarantee an offer of accommodation (housing) for fee-paying students.

Estimated additional expenses

For an average student budget in Sweden, please visit:

Cost Of Living in Sweden on