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Armando Peri Rubio – visiting doctoral student in mathematics education

Armando Peri Rubio is a guest doctoral student at the Department of Teaching and Learning. The purpose of his stay here is to learn about diversity in mathematics education, and therefore he has participated in a 30 days internship course with different scholars and PhD students.

Armando Peri Rubio
Armando Peri Rubio. Foto: Privat.

Armando comes from Santiago, Chile’s capitol. There, he is currently completing his PhD and working in a professional development program for math teachers as a research assistant and monitor.

– My assignment here in Stockholm is to participate in the course "Diversity in mathematics teacher education", says Armando. I also try to create and improve the relations between Chilean and Swedish future researchers. I hope that we will find new collaborations where we can continue to learn from each other.


Different to be a doctoral student in Sweden

– Being a doctoral student in Sweden is completely different than in Chile. Both in terms of the course structure itself and how the interactivity looks with other researchers, says Armando. In my program in Chile, the courses are longer and more concentrated and divided into different parts. And we doctoral students are mostly with each other, without so much interaction with other researchers.

– Here in Sweden, the courses are much shorter and more integrated with other activities. There are also more intensive seminars and a greater opportunity to share experiences with other researchers.


Greater chance to develop ideas here

– Something that I have especially reflected on since I came here is the nice relationship between students and professors, and the system where you share the same corridor. Here in Sweden, it is very common to see researchers and students talking about different academic subjects, and to see the same people "having fika" and talking about life. In my program in Chile, we don't have our own office, desk or computers. We share a large room with other students and don't have the same opportunity to talk to other researchers.

– My feeling in Chile is that the academic work is very lonely. Here in Sweden, I felt something completely different.


Hope to find better collaborations back at home

– When I return to Chile, I want to share all the great experiences I have had here. And I will contact everyone with whom I can develop collaborations with. I am sure that after this practice we will get very good results.