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Exploring the unfinished encyclopedias

Linn Holmberg, researcher in History of Ideas at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, and Maria Simonsen researcher at Aalborg University are the editors of Stranded Encyclopedias, 1700–2000, a new anthology published by Palgrave Macmillan in the series ”New Directions in Book History”.

Omlsaget till antologin Stranded Encyclopedias

In this book, fourteen researchers uncover the histories of stranded encyclopedic projects during three hundred years, from the age of Enlightenment to our digital era. By using the concepts of ”stranded" and ”strandedness”, the contributions show how unfinished, unpublished, incomplete, and no-longer-updated texts can provide new perspectives on the history of encyclopedias, ideas, books, and knowledge.

Several international scholars have already offered praised for the book. For example, Seth Rudy (Rhodes College, USA) writes:

“Holmberg and Simonsen take an innovative and fascinating approach to the myriad ways in which encyclopedias can and often do fail. By bringing together a series of excellent studies on unrealized, unfinished, unpublished, and critically unappreciated works from across the Western hemisphere and spanning three centuries, Stranded Encyclopedias offers a more complete history of encyclopedic projects and a new way of framing their future.”

For more reviews and information about the book, see: Stranded Encyclopedias, 1700–2000: Exploring Unfinished, Unpublished, Unsuccessful Encyclopedic Projects

Chapters 1 and 4, written by Linn Holmberg, are available in open access.

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