Ben Wilson. Photo: Leila Zoubir/Stockholm University

Ben Wilson

Researcher, Docent

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Works at Department of Sociology
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 B, plan 8
Room B 826
Postal address Sociologiska institutionen, Demografiska avdelningen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA) and a visiting fellow in the Department of Methodology at the London School of Economics.

Prior to completing my PhD, I worked as a senior researcher in the demographic analysis branch of the Office for National Statistics. Since that time, I have also worked as a consultant providing advice on research design and analysis for surveys and evaluation projects.

For more information please see my personal website.


My teaching reflects my broader interests, which include most topics relating to demography, population studies, research design, and social science methods.


My research covers a range of topics relating to demography, sociology, migration studies, geography, epidemiology, political science and research methods. I have received large-scale funding for several projects that aim to understand the lives of immigrants and their descendants. My recent research includes studies of family formation, health inequalities, and the impact of childhood on early adult life course trajectories.


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Last updated: April 15, 2021

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