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Christina HedmanProfessor

About me

Christina Hedman obtained her PhD from the Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University (2009), and she holds a position as full Professor in Swedish as a second language at the Department of Teaching and Learning, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Her research encompasses multilingualism in an educational perspective, as well as in ideological and critical policy perspectives. In recent research, a focus has been on the teaching of Swedish as a second language in various educational settings, including a collaborative project on Critical Multilingual Language Awareness among migrant adolescents.

Previous projects (2013-2016): Christina Hedman received funding from the Swedish Research Council for a three year-project on the role of so-called mother tongue instruction for the literacy development of Somali-Swedish primary school children, in Somali and Swedish (together with Dr. Natalia Ganuza). Findings from this project have been published in local and international journals such as Applied Linguistics and Language and Education.

In a subsequent project (2016-2019), supported by the Wellander Foundation, Christina Hedman has focused on the school subject Swedish as a second language in upper secondary school; surrounding academic and public discourses, teaching practices, and teacher and student perspectives (together with Dr Ulrika Magnusson, see e.g. publications in Linguistics and Education, International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism and Language and Education).

A sub-project: Ethnographic fieldwork was also conducted in a primary school with a large proportion of recently arrived migrant students. In this setting, a focus was on the collaboration between teachers (in Swedish as a second language and mother tongue teachers) in  introductory classes, as well as on the parenting courses aimed at recently arrived migrant parents, which were taught by mother tongue teachers (see e.g. articles in Language and Communication and Multicultural Education Review)

Recent projects (2019): Literary education within drama-based teaching (together with Dr. Ewa Jacquet, Dr. Eva Nilson and Dr. Katrina Rejman, see forthcoming publication in K. Pahl, G. Macrory, S. Ainsworth & D. Griffiths (Eds.), Multilingualism and multimodality: working at the intersections. Multilingual Matters).

(2020): Online distance mother tongue instruction in English (together with MA Scarlett Mannish), see forthcoming publication in English in Education.

(2020-2022): Participative multilingual identity construction in the language classroom. A methodological perspective. Cambridge-Stockholm Collaborative Research Grants Scheme (and the Åke Wiberg Foundation), with Dr. Linda Fisher, Reader in Languages Education, University of Cambridge, UK. This is a collaborative project on Critical Multlingual Awareness in a Preparatory Class for recently arrived migrant students.

(2022–2023): Visual resources in language teaching for adults (with J. Rosén PI; L. Adams Lyngbäck and E. Paul). The Swedish Institute for Educational Research.


Selected publications

Christina Hedman, PhD, Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning


Hedman, C., & Magnusson, U. (2022/forthcoming). Adjusting to linguistic diversity in a primary school through relational agency and expertise: A mother-tongue teacher team’s perspective. To appear in Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication (MULTI).

Hedman, C., & Magnusson, U. (2021). Researching the complexities of the school subject Swedish as a Second Language: A Linguistic Ethnographic project in four schools.  Languages, 6(4), 205;  

Snoder, S., Hedman, C., Dewilde, J. (2021). Legitimerad flerspråkighet i utspädd dos – flerspråkiga grundskollärares perspektiv [Legitimized multilingualism in diluted doses – the perspective of multilingual primary school teachers]. Acta Didactica Norden,  15(2).

Hedman, C., & Mannish, S. (2021). Student agency in relation to space and educational discourse.  The case of English online Mother Tongue Instruction. English in Education.

Hedman, C., & Magnusson, U. (2021). Introductory classes for newcomer primary school students in Sweden. Pedagogical principles and emotional understanding. Multicultural Education Review, 13(1), 85–105.

Hedman, C., Jacquet, E., Nilson, E. & Rejman, K. (2022/forthcoming). Expressing reading engagement within drama-based literary work. Perspectives from three students in a linguistically diverse classroom in Sweden. In K. Pahl, G. Macrory, S. Ainsworth & D. Griffiths (Eds.), Multilingualism and multimodality: working at the intersections. Multilingual Matters.

Hedman, C., & Magnusson, U. (2021). Constructing success and hope among migrant students and families. A mother tongue teacher’s didactic narratives. Language & Communication, 77, 93–105.

Hedman, C., & Rosén, J. (2020). Modersmålsämnets legitimitet i ett förändrat politiskt landskap: en analys av svensk riksdagsdebatt under 2010-talet [The legitimacy of the mother tongue subject in a changing political landscape: an analysis of Swedish parliamentary debate in the twenty-tens.] Utbildning & Demokrati – tidskrift för didaktik och utbildningspolitik, 29(3), 31–50.

Hedman, C., & Magnusson. U. (2020). Teachers’ acts of legitimation in second language education in Swedish upper secondary schools. Language & Education, 34(6), 535–552. 

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Ganuza, N., & Hedman, C. (2018).  Modersmålsundervisning, läsförståelse och betyg – modersmålsundervisningens roll för elevers skolresultat [Mother tongue instruction, reading comprehension and grades – the role of mother tongue instruction for school achievements]. Nordand. Nordisk tidsskrift for andrespråksforskning 13(1), 4–22.

Hedman, C., & Magnusson, U. (2017). Samtal om lärobokstext på två språk. Textsamtalets stöttande funktion för spansk-svensktalande ungdomar med och utan uppfattade läshinder. [Textbook talk in two languages. The scaffolding function of text talk for Spanish-Swedish speaking adolescents with and without perceived reading difficulties]. Nordand. Nordisk tidsskrift for andrespråksforskning, 1(12), 23–44.

Ganuza, N., & Hedman, C. (2017). Ideology vs practice: Is there space for pedagogical ‘translanguaging’ in mother tongue instruction. In B. Paulsrud, J.  Rosén, B. Straszer, & Å. Wedin (Eds.), New Perspectives on Translanguaging and Education (pp. 208–226). Multilingual Matters.

Jalali-Moghadam, N., & Hedman, C. (2016). Special education teachers’ narratives on literacy Support for bilingual students with dyslexia in Swedish compulsory schools. Nordic Journal of Literacy Research, 2, 1–18.

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Hedman, C., & Nilsson, J. (forthcoming). Möjligheter till lärande – andraspråksdidaktik i ett kritiskt perspektiv [Opportunities for learning – second language education in a critical perspective]. I K. Aldén & M. Olofsson (red.), Möjligheter till lärande – andraspråksdidaktik i ett kritiskt perspektiv (Symposievolym, Nationellt Centrum för svenska som andraspråk). Liber.

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Hedman, C., & Ganuza, N. (2019). Introductory commentary: Lived experiences of qur’anic schooling in Scandinavia [Special Issue on Faith literacy practices among Muslim children, youth and families in Scandinavia]. Apples - Journal of Applied Language Studies, 13(4), 7–13.

Hedman, C. (2018). Epilog. Transspråkande som pedagogisk praktik. [Epilogue. Translanguaging as pedagogical practice]. In B. A. Paulsrud, J. Rosén, B. Straszer & Å. Wedin (red.) (2018), Transspråkande i svenska utbildningssammanhang [Translanguaging in Swedish educational contexts] (pp. 265–271).  Studentlitteratur.

Ganuza, N., & Hedman, C. (2018). Modersmålsundervisning – möjligheter och utmaningar [Mother tongue education – possibilities and challenges]. In T. Otterup & G. Kästen-Ebeling, (Eds.), En god fortsättning (pp. 163–180).  Studentlitteratur.

Hedman, C. (2017). Läsförståelse med flera språk som resurs [Reading comprehension with multilingualism as a resource]. Läslyftet: Tidig läsundervisning riktad mot lärare i F-3. Skolverket.

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Hedman, C. (2012). Flerspråkig – med dyslexi? [Multilingual – with dyslexia]? In E.-K. Salameh (Ed.), Flerspråkighet i skolan. Språklig utveckling och undervisning [Multilingualism in school. Language development and education] (pp. 98–128). Natur och Kultur.

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OTHER SCIENTIFIC WORK (incl. popular science)

Hedman, C., & Magnusson, U. (2021/forthcoming). Skolämnet svenska som andraspråk i internationellt perspektiv – exempel ur forskning [The school-subject Swedish as a second language from an international perspective – examples from research]. Skolverket.  

Hedman, C., & Magnusson, U. (2020). Svenska som andraspråk i gymnasieskolan – praktik och ideologi i tre gymnasieskolor. Lisetten, 30(1), 20–21.

Duek, S., Hedman, C., Paulsrud, B.-A., Reath Warren, A., Ringblom, N., Schalley, A. (2018). Satsa på flerspråkighet och undervisning i modersmålet. Lärarnas Tidning, 21 februari 2018.


Research projects