Cormac McGrath

Cormac Mc Grath


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Works at Department of Education
Telephone 08-16 39 74
Visiting address Frescativägen 54
Postal address Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

About me

I trained initially to become a secondary school teacher in English and Philosophy. Early interests in D.H Lawrence and moral philosophy were translated into the practice of secondary school teacher.  

After a few years teaching, I became interested in teachers’ professional development and worked online with teacher training at Harvard School of Education’s Project Zero (

This lead me to a position as Educational Developer at Karolinska Institutet, KI where I continued to work with teachers’ professional development. In parallel with my work at KI I conducted research and wrote my thesis: What we talk about when we talk about change: A study of change practice and change agency in Higher Education (

My research interests extend to student and teacher learning in higher education. Further I also study and drive development within the context of leadership in higher education.

Latest publications


McGrath, C., Roxå, T., & Bolander Laksov, K. (2019). Change in a culture of collegiality and consensus-seeking: a double-edged sword. Higher Education Research & Development, 1-14.


McGrath, C., Palmgren, P. J., & Liljedahl, M. (2018). Twelve tips for conducting qualitative research interviews. Medical teacher, 1-5.




Stöhr, C., Stathakarou, N., Mueller, F., Nifakos, S., & McGrath, C. (2019). Videos as learning objects in MOOCs: A study of specialist and non‐specialist participants' video activity in MOOCs. British Journal of Educational Technology50(1), 166-176.

Groen, C. M., McGrath, C., Campbell, K. A., Götherström, C., Windebank, A. J., & Landázuri, N. (2017). Promoting international collaboration and creativity in doctoral students. eLife6.

Macassa, G., Hiswåls, A. S., Ahmadi, N., & McGrath, C. (2017). Att utbilda folkhälsoarbetare inför en okänd framtid: insikter från ett´ nytt kandidatprogram som kombinerar häldofrämjande med hållbar utveckling. Socialmedicinsk tidskrift94(3), 309-317.

McGrath, C. (2017). What we talk about when we talk about change: a study of change practice and change agency in higher education.

Berman, A. H., Biguet, G., Stathakarou, N., Westin-Hägglöf, B., Jeding, K., McGrath, C., ... & Kononowicz, A. A. (2017). Virtual Patients in a Behavioral Medicine Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Participants’ Perceptions. Academic Psychiatry, 1-11.

Macassa, G., Hiswals, A. S., Ahmadi, N., & McGrath, C. (2017). Educating Public Health Professionals for an Unknown Future: Insights from a New Bachelor Programme Linking Health Promotion and Sustainable Development. Research in Health Science2(2), 70.

Henningsohn, L., Dastaviz, N., Stathakarou, N., & McGrath, C. (2017). KIUrologyX: Urology As You Like It—A Massive Open Online Course for Medical Students, Professionals, Patients, and Laypeople Alike. European Urology72(3), 321-322.

McGrath, C., Barman, L., Stenfors-Hayes, T., Roxå, T., Silén, C., & Laksov, K. B. (2016). The Ebb and Flow of Educational Change: Change Agents as Negotiators of Change. Teaching & Learning Inquiry4(2), 1-14.

Vaitsis, C., Stathakarou, N., Barman, L., Zary, N., & McGrath, C. (2016). Using Competency-Based Digital Open Learning Activities to Facilitate and Promote Health Professions Education (OLAmeD): A Proposal. JMIR research protocols5(3).

Kononowicz, A. A., Berman, A. H., Stathakarou, N., McGrath, C., Bartyński, T., Nowakowski, P., ... & Zary, N. (2015). Virtual patients in a behavioral medicine massive open online course (MOOC): A case-based analysis of technical capacity and user navigation pathways. JMIR medical education1(2).

Last updated: November 28, 2019

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