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Michael Tåhlin is professor of sociology at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University. He leads the Swedish Level of Living Surveys (LNU), together with Carina Mood. His research concerns patterns and explanations of social and economic inequality, in particular the level, distribution and development of individual resources and rewards in the labour market. He has published extensively in international journals and readers on topics such as class theory, wage inequality, skill demand and the impact of globalization on national labour markets. He is on the editorial boards of European Sociological Review and Social Forces and a member of the supervisory council of the recently established Swedish Authority of Work Environment Knowledge (MYNAK).


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LNU is part of the REWHARD infrastructure consortium together with the databases SLOSH (Stockholm University), IMAS and STODS (Karolinska Institutet). REWHARD is led by Stockholm University and funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR); see


SOFI is a partner of the international TECHNEQUALITY project, with Michael Tåhlin, Tomas Korpi and Erik Bihagen as Swedish participants. The project involves researchers from Berlin, Cambridge, Florence, Maastricht, Oxford, Tallinn and Tilburg. TECHNEQUALITY is led by ROA, Maastricht University, and funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program; see


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