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Research project Exporting Nordic models of fatherhood, gender egalitarianism and parental leave

This project researches Nordic models of fatherhood and gender equality as hotbeds of welfare innovation and explores to what extent some countries are trying to ‘import’ similar models.

Father and child.
Photo: Zach Callahan/Unsplash

Specifically, we focus on countries that have attempted to follow Nordic models of parental leave with father quotas namely Germany, Japan and Slovenia. We will compile research on motivators, forces (actors) and outcomes (take-up) of father quotas in Iceland, Norway and Sweden and investigate to what extent, if any these dimensions are transformed when applied elsewhere. The obvious example is how gender equality motivations might be exchanged for fertility concerns outside Nordic countries. The project will initiate a framing of how policies are spread between countries, in particular how Nordic parental leave policies are perceived and used as examples elsewhere.

Project members

Project managers

Ann-Zofie Duvander

Professor of Demography

Department of Sociology
Ann-Zofie Duvander. Foto: Leila Zoubir/Stockholms universitet