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Research project Prioritizing low carbon mobility services for improving accessibility of citizens – PriMaaS

In a near future we do not need to own cars or bikes. Instead we buy and consume personal transport as a service. How does that change society? PriMaaS is a project about developing the MaaS-concept – Mobility-as-a-Service.

Genre photo: A row of yellow rental bicycles. Photo: Krisana Antharith/Mostphotos.
Photo: Krisana Antharith/Mostphotos.

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a recent concept. Its main objective is to change the way people travel and pay for mobility services, while getting them from A to B in their daily life.

PriMaaS is about developing public–policy instruments, for example law, other regulations, public–private commercial contracts, that can play a valuable role when public authorities work to support the introduction of MaaS. The new platforms should contribute to low carbon transport policy goals, social inclusion and increased levels of accessibility.

PriMaaS aims at increasing collaboration between European regions to build trust among key stakeholders (for example transport authorities, traffic operators, providers of mobility service apps and consumers protection organizations). We do this by having thematic regional and interregional meetings and conferences to exchange experiences.

PriMaaS builds a knowledge hub focused on increasing levels of MaaS in regional transport networks and maximizing their efficiency.

Project members

Project managers

Mattias Svahn


Department of Computer and Systems Sciences

Aron Larsson

Vice föreståndare eGovLab

Department of Computer and Systems Sciences
Photo of Aron Larsson

Jorge Bandeira

University of Aveiro, Portugal


Jorge Miguel Marques de Brito

Intermunicipal Community of the Coimbra Region

Gennaro Ciccarelli

National Association for Telematics for Transport and Safety

Mihai Cosmin Niculescu

Intelligent Transport Systems ITS – Romania

Matthias Garter

University of applied sciences Erfurt

Mihaela Jugaru

Timisora Municipality

Raffaele Cattani

Liguria Region

Marja-Ritta Mattila Nurmi

Council of Tampere Region, Finland

Julie Vinders

South East of Scotland Transport Partnership

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