Latvian Language Proficiency I, 7.5 credits

About the education

Course Aim and Learning Outcomes

The aim of the course is to impart elementary Latvian grammar, syntax, pronunciation, and to communicate in Latvian using simple phrases and dialogs. The course is directed to beginners in Latvian, no prior knowledge in the field is required. The language of instruction is English.

Course Contents and Methods of Instruction

The course consists of 8 modules. You work with one module per week, where you practice Latvian grammar, pronunciation, morphology, syntax, oral and written proficiency.

This is a distance learning course and instruction is internet-based, using the university's educational web platform Athena. Assignment submission deadlines are an obligatory part of the course. Completion of the obligatory assignments are necessary in order to participate in subsequent examinations. During the course, there are no physical meetings on campus.

Subject: Baltic Languages

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Area of interest: Language and Linguistics

Languages open doors to other cultures, experiences, business contacts and collaboration between countries. At Stockholm University you can study nearly 30 different languages. You can also delve into more theoretical subjects such as Linguistics and Bilingualism.

Language and Linguistics studies can lead to a large variety of professions within teaching, research and industry, the public sector, trade and tourism, and other areas.