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Latvian I

This is a beginners' course that focuses on language proficiency and the Latvian cultural context.

The aim of the course is for you to gain a certain practical oral and written proficiency in Latvian language usage as well as basic knowledge about the Latvian language and its cultural context.

No previous knowledge of Latvian is required.

  • Course structure

    The course covers the basics in Latvian grammar, pronunciation, morphology, syntax, oral and written skills, as well as Baltic linguistics and Baltic history, culture and society.


    The course consists of the following subcourses:

    1. Language knowledge and language proficiency A, 7.5 credits
    2. Language knowledge and language proficiency B, 7.5 credits
    3. Baltic linguistics - Latvian, 7.5 credits
    4. Baltic history, culture and society - Latvia, 7.5 credits

    Teaching format

    The course is taught in the form of lectures and seminars.

  • Contact

    For questions concerning the course, please contact director of studies Lilita Zalkalns (