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Strategic Market Management

Strategic marketing constitutes a pivotal management task for all organisations, whether commercial, government or not-for-profit.

It seeks to define its relationship with various environments, to analyse its industry or sector, to understand its customers and stakeholders and to create competitive advantage in the global marketplace. The process begins with articulating the organisation’s vision and mission in the light of its own capacity and context, through evaluation of alternative market strategies and adoption of specific plans, and culminates with organising for implementation and control.

Core coverage of the course will thus include the topics:


  • Environmental Scanning and Market Intelligence
  • Internal Analysis, Planning Process and Competitive Advantage
  • Social Responsibility and Business Sustainability
  • Customer Focus, Demand Management and Strategic Positioning
  • Product Innovation, Brand Management, and Diversification
  • Organisational Design, Implementation and Control
  • Strategic Partnerships and Relationship Management
  • New/Growth Markets and Mature/Declining Markets.

Throughout, this course will highlight socio-ethical issues in managerial decision-making that have long-term consequences for the organisation and the societies in which it operates.  Participants will be facilitated to take a comprehensive perspective to devising marketing strategies in global contexts.