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Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

This course is given in English. Entrepreneurship is most often related to the creation of new businesses. However, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial dynamics is as relevant to the creation of not-for-profit initiatives. It is about generating ideas, organizing, and hands-on action, in a more or less innovative way.

Entrepreneurship can provide wealth in different ways, mobilize people and other resources, or innovative practices and the ways we organize societies. In this course entrepreneurship is put in the context of developing countries. Both economical aspects of business based entrepreneurship, social aspects of civil society based entrepreneurship, and aspects of combining economical/social aims in a sustainable development is elaborated on in this course.

The context of developing countries brings a focus on issues related to low economic development and poverty alleviation, economies in transition and emerging markets as well as development of both social and political infrastructure beyond what commonly is elaborated on in western dominated entrepreneurship discourse.

You can not read this course and the course Design and Innovation in Context the same semester.

Further course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.