Geography II, 30 credits

About the course

This course broadens and develops knowledge and skills attained during Geography I. The core of the course consists of the application of skills, in exploring, for example, the manner in which geographic theory and methods may be used in geographic regional operational analysis in regard of planning, development and conflict issues as well as questions regarding urbanisation.

The course comprises six interwoven components: Geographic Methods II, 3 HECs, Geographic Methods III, 3 HECs, Regional Geography Analysis 5 HECs, Global Processes, 6 HECs, Resources and Landscapes, 7 HECs and Geographical Applications, 6 HECs.

During the course you will develop your ability to use geographic methods and sources in their application to geographic analysis linked to current socio-scientific issues on a number of scales. Another significant part of the course is constituted by knowledge of the earth’s regional geography, i.e. insight into the earth’s regional differences, and distinctive characteristics of different areas in regard of the physical environment, societies and human habitats. The course further approaches basic theory and methods used in research, inclusive of the formalities of academic presentation. A special independent project equivalent to four weeks of study, written under supervision, concludes the course. Tuition in the form of fieldwork in a variety of forms is used to consolidate and apply theoretical skills. Geography II is the second component of the undergraduate programme in Geography, but may also be read as an individual course.

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