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Glaciers and High Mountain Environments

The course deals with those geomorphological processes and landforms that are typical of the high mountain environment. You will also learn about glacier dynamics and climate and glacier variations. The course is a summer course with a field component at the Tarfala Research Station, Kebnekaise.

The course consists of two parts during summer term 2023:

  1. Theory with letures, exercises, and reports (distance learning) from June 5 to June 23. This section additionally includes a reading of the course literature in preparation of the field component.
  2. A field component at the Tarfala Research Station, Kebnekaise (August 9 to August 19), with excursions, field exercises, and group projects involving the collection and analysis of field data.​ 
Field work at Kebnekaise's southern peak.
Field work at Kebnekaise's southern peak.
  • Course structure


    • Theory, 3 credits
    • Field course, 4.5 credits

    Teaching format

    Please note that the field course involves long hikes and work in challenging terrain and sometimes while experiencing difficult mountain weather conditions.

    The course includes a field course component, which entails additional cost for the student (additional to travel costs).


    For details see syllabus.


    Arjen Stroeven

  • Course reports

  • Contact

    Student office (Registration)
    Kerstin Hörnby

    Course responsible
    Nina Kirchner

    Study counsellor
    Elisabeth Sturesson (on leave from 1 February to 30 June)