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Traineeship in Geography

The aim of the practical experience course is to provide an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and skills in a practical environment within a company, authority or other work site relevant to the area of study. Practical experience may even be gained within the university, for example, in connection with research projects. Tuition comprises an introduction conducted at the university, practical experience at a work site relevant to the area of study, a written report of the practical experience undertaken and a concluding spoken presentation at the university. The presentation should include an account of how work is organised and conducted on a professional basis, as well as a self-assessment of your individual education and individual knowledge and skills. A representative from the work site supervises practical experience. The work site and supervisor should be approved by the department and the student must participate in the introductory component before practical experience is commenced. The enterprise should be described in a work agenda that must also be approved before practical experience is commenced. The introduction and the written and spoken accounts are compulsory. At the work site the student is to participate in activities to the same extent and during the same work hours as other employees.

Eligibility to the course requires 120 credits of which 90 credits in Geography.

Further course information will appear soon on this page. Until then, information can be found on the department website.