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Master's Programme in the History of Religions

The program is aimed for those who want to expand and deepen their understanding of how religious traditions are shaped, changed and how they impact human societies in history and today.

An in-depth understanding is achieved partly through empirical studies of a variety of religious traditions, partly through an advanced study of current discussions of theory and method as well as relevant issues from the history of religions’s theoretical and methodological history. The program ultimately aims at a historically and ethnographically grounded analysis of the social dimensions of religion, but also at an in-depth ability to interpret aesthetically, emotionally and intellectually challenging representations of the foundations of human existence. Within the program, the student is given the opportunity for in-depth study of historical-philological and ethnological-anthropological perspectives.

Through its empirical, theoretical, and methodological breadth, the program provides a good basis for further studies in humanities and social science as well as competence in professions with high demands on analytical ability. The ability to acquire, convey and critically analyse large amounts of information also includes a comprehensive orientation in the ethnic and religious diversity of the world. The program thus provides a good basis for various occupations in research, education, development projects, media and communication, work with public inquiries, diplomacy, and museum activities.

The program gives eligibility for admission to postgraduate education in the history of religion.