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Medieval Rome – The Eternal City between the Past and the Future

This course covers the history of Medieval Rome, ca 400–1500, from interdisciplinary perspectives. The city of Rome's impact on medieval societies in Western Europe are studied from an economical, religious, legal and cultural perspective. 

Some themes discussed in this course are the heritage of the Roman Empire, the effects of transition of power to Bysans and later to Aachen, the relationsships between the pope ande the wordly power as well as the God state on Earth, including architecture, art and music.

The course also gives opportunity to discuss methodological and theoretical aspects which are important or potentially problematic for the study of medieval Rome.

  • Course structure

    The course takes place in part on campus in Stockholm and in part in Rome. If a student cannot participate on site in Rome can follow parts of the course digitally from campus.


    Examinators at the Department of History

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