International Master's Programme in Art History: Technical Art History and the Art Museum, 120 credits

About the education

The program provides you as a student deepened empirical and theoretical knowledge in the field of Art History with a focus on Technical Art History, History of the Art Museum, History of Collections and Archive Studies as well as professional practices within the Art Museums. The programme is launched in the autumn semester 2017.

The structure of the courses and examinations will develop your ability to understand and apply the professional practice regarding logistics, economics, law and administration applied in conservation institutions and equivalent where early modern art is disposed. As a student in the program, you will develop your ability to understand and apply scientific methods regarding the art object’s material, age and condition. Furthermore you will develop your ability to understand and to apply digital processes in order to give access to technical research results in databases and equivalents as well as to reconstruct/construct historical and current exhibition settings in digital form. Furthermore, you develop your ability to understand and to apply methods of archival knowledge and reconstruction of historical art collections. The program has an international profile with English as the main language and international teacher competence. Within the program there are opportunities for study and training abroad, as well as a field trip. The program has a clear connection to both the research of interest to the program's focus as a national and international labor market. Teacher competence from relevant professional fields is involved in the programme. Teaching is to a great extent conducted in direct contact with the material studied: in the University Art Collection, in the laboratory, within archives and and relevant museums.

The program provides knowledge and skills a career in the international Field of Art History with a strong focus on the museum world, the art market and equivalent. It provides formal qualification and a good foundation for postgraduate studies (PhD).

The International Master’s Programme in Art History: Technical Art History and the Art Museum comprises four semesters of full-time studies (120 ECTS credits), divided into courses in Technical Art History (30 ECTS credits), mandatory courses (45 ECTS credits) and internship (15 ECTS credits). The master examination during the final semester consists of a Technical campaign of a single artwork (Master's Course I), 15 ECTS and a Master thesis (Master’s Course II), 15 ECTS credits.

Subject: Art History

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Area of interest: Arts and Humanities

How are different cultures created and how do they affect us? Arts and Humanities is an area of interest that includes a wide variety of subjects such as Archaeology, Philosophy, History, Religion, Ethnology, Literature, and Theatre and Performance Studies. In one way or another these subjects are an expression of how culture affects human beings and society. As a student you will improve your analytical skills and learn to identify different lines of development, often in an interdisciplinary context.

Studies within Arts and Humanities give you broad general competence that is very useful in the job market, where autonomy, analytical and communication skills are in great demand.

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Department of Culture and Aesthetics