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Master’s Programme in Literature with a Specialization in English-language Literature

The specialisation “English-language Literature” presents a broad outlook over literary studies today, viewing English language literatures in relation to other international literatures by way of comparative studies.

In addition to courses on the theory of interpretation and narrative, the programme offers you in depth studies of selected literary classics and their reception history, critical perspectives on the relationship between literature and society, as well as insights into a number of current theoretical approaches in literary studies.

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Would you like to hear from the programme coordinator? Watch the presentation of the International Master’s Programme in Literature at Stockholm University, by Professor Axel Englund.

  • Programme overview

    “English-language Literature” is one of thirteen specializations within the Master’s Programme in Literature at the Faculty of the Humanities, at the Faculty of the Humanities and it is offered by the Department of Culture and Aesthetics. The programme starts every autumn and comprises four semesters of full-time study, concluding with a 30-credit degree project in the form of a master’s thesis. As a student, you normally take four half-time courses of 7,5 credits per semester, each half of the semester consisting of two parallel courses. During the second and third semester of the programme, you may take a total of four optional courses (30 credits), of which at least two must be in subjects other than English, and two proficiency courses (15 credits).

    Year 1

    Semester 1

    The first semester of the programme contains three courses taken by all students of the programme, irrespective of their specialization:

    Semester 2

    During the second semester of the programme, there are no obligatory courses, which gives you the possibility of studying four optional courses.

    Year 2

    Semester 3

    The third semester contains 15 credits worth of optional courses, one course in English for academic research course, and one seminar-based theory course, which serves as preparation for the master’s thesis.

    • Optional courses, 15 credits
    • English for Academic Research, 7,5 credits
    • Seminar Course in Current Theoretical Perspectives, 7,5 credits

    Semester 4

    The programme’s final semester is devoted exclusively to the degree project, which is done within one full-semester course:

    • Master’s Thesis in English Literature, 30 credits

    The master’s thesis, your degree project, is the most important and substantial piece of work you will do within the programme. In the thesis, you will delve into the part of the discipline that interests you the most, aiming to make your own personal contribution to the cumulative knowledge of literary studies. At your disposal you have a supervisor, who will give you advice and feedback on your text. Moreover, you will participate in the master’s seminar, where ideas, drafts and chapters are presented and discussed. Finally, your whole thesis is discussed at a seminar where one or two other students perform the task of critical readers. In return, you will be the reader of two other theses.

  • How to apply


    To be admitted to the programme, you need a BA in Literature, including 90 ECTS credits (major) in a discipline related to the course (English Literature). Applicants’ knowledge of English must be documented by an international proficiency test: TOEFL test including TWE with a minimum of 630 (paper) 267 (computer) or 109 (Internet), or Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency with an A or B grade, or IELTS test with a minimum of 7.5 (and no module under 7), or the equivalent.

    Please note that the English language requirement for this programme is higher than the basic English B/6 requirement. Exemptions from our requirement can only be given in some instances - please contact us for more information. The exemption cases listed on refer to the basic English B/6 requirement and therefore do not apply to our programme.

  • Contact

    Questions about the structure and content of the programme can be answered by the study counsellor of the English department, whom you can contact at

    The coordinator for the Master’s Programme in English-language Literature is Giles Whiteley,