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Master’s Programme in Literature with a Specialization in German-language Literature

The master programme with specialization in German Literature is a two-year programme with focus on German literary studies.

“German Literature” is one of thirteen specializations within the Master’s Programme in Literature at the Faculty of the Humanities, and it is offered by the Department of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Finnish, Dutch and German.

The programme aims at giving the students a deeper knowledge of German literature and developing their skills in academic writing in German. The students will learn to use advanced theories and methods for the exploration of literary texts, both in terms of form and in terms of their relation to history, politics and ethics. The theoretical level of the courses is high. Mandatory courses in literary theory and method are offered to all students in the master programme in literature, regardless of their field of specialization. These courses are taught in English. All courses in the field of German are taught in German. A master thesis is written during the last semester of study. It has to be written in German in order for the student to obtain a degree in German. Giving an international and transnational perspective, the programme qualifies the students for doctoral studies in literature, but it is also useful for work outside of academia.

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