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Study Programme in Law

Stockholm University offers two tracts to becoming a lawyer practicing in Sweden. The most common track takes 4.5 years. There is a special track reserved for students who already hold a law degree from outside of Sweden which takes 2 years. Both require a high level of proficiency in Swedish.

Studenter på en klippa vid Stockholms inlopp
Foto: Niklas Björling/Stockholms universitet

The standard law education in Sweden is a 4.5 year programme that leads to an LL.M. This programme is only offered in Swedish.

Go to the Swedish language Juristexamen website.

We also have a 2-year, fulltime programme designed for people who have a law degree from outside of Sweden, called Kompletteringsutbildning, which was started as part of a governmental integration project. It leads to the Swedish juristexamen degree, which is required for many legal professionals and opens doors for many others.

Admission to the Kompletteringsutbildning requires very good Swedish language competence: completing Swedish 3 at Komvux, OR passing a behörighetsgivande course for university, OR passing TISUS, among others. Go to “Behörighet I svenska” for details.

Information page about Kompletteringsutbildningen (in Swedish)